START A COMPETITION | STEP 1 | Select competition type

Creating a competition is easy - first, pick a task type (click on one of the icons)! We've got 3 types of competitions:

Photo Task Photo/Image Competition - Entries are Images/Photos from users.
This type is best suited if you want to start a Logo or Business Style design competition, Avatar creation or image restauration/editing.
The fun example could be a "mission impossible style photo battle" (then think on something funny and ask others to take a picture of that.
Video Task Video Competition - Entries are Videos from users.
Think on something what would be either creative or funny , and ask other to film that. Have a script ? Ask them to perfom! Have a crazy idea like "I want to see you making love to the 100 years old chair" - ask for that! Ran out of ideas? Make your video or photo and ask for video comments from others!
Text Task Text Competition - Entries are Text.
Looking for a good slogan for your company? Or maybe for a good old joke? Or maybe seeking for a good short movie script to put as a video competition later ? Go ahead !
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