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What is it all about? is a new social network built on comprehensive platform where user entertainment meets with business brainstorming thus increasing business exposure and generating key ideas and/or media, which could later become vital to business or product promotion.

     Any business can use our platform to expose its product or service to thousands of people and get a reasonable response or ideas related to their business.  The principle behind it is simple and is based on the spirit of competition and prize awards. The main element of is the TASK (a competition), to which users propose their SOLUTIONS (images they take, videos they create or other) and compete for a PRIZE (something tangible and valuable) or a VICTORY (a nice feeling). With little investment, such as a small award or product/service as a prize, your business can motivate thousands of people to think about the task you give them. This would result in various solutions from different people being submitted and would give you an overview of various possible opinions, reactions, wishes and expectations. Every competition can thus be considered an online brainstorm session with some visual and tangible outcome.

     For example, you can ask people to create a logo or visual identity for a new product brand or company name and see what would be the solutions. Even though some solutions will not be professionally performed in terms of graphics, you might get good sketches and fresh ideas to feed to your promo team.

Why are we different? 

      Yes, there are other sites organizing sponsored competitions. However, they are mostly targeted at professionals in media, design or filmmaking and thus require better prizes to interest potential participants. In addition, when it comes to high-level competitions, an average user (with limited experience in design, but some creative ideas) is often scared off by complex conditions or high-level technical requirements.  And besides, the final result of such competitions is not always as up to the point and acceptable to be put in production as it is. So why waste money and time? Test our environment and see the difference!

How do we get user traffic? 

As our platform – which is not so formal and scary – encourages any user to create tasks and everybody else to propose their solution (all of which is free of charge), we attract people who want to have fun by joining different competitions. As the results are usually shared on such networks as Facebook or Flickr, the user traffic is increasing gradually. Sometimes, we would motivate users by offering them small prizes such as a T-shirts or a mug. When a featured/awarded business competition appears on the site offering users more valuable prizes or money awards, the number of users who would be interested to participate would naturally increase.  As a result, the number of solutions will also increase. The probability of getting some viral media is high and you also have a chance to receive numerous ideas for creation of new ads or user responses to your products or services.

What about spam/abuse?

      All our tasks/solutions/comments are monitored and reviewed before they appear on the website. We try to make sure not to offend our participants or task creators by abusive comments or improper solutions!  Because we care!

Other ways of becoming partners.

     You do not need to worry if you have no attractive ideas for competitions, which could help your business. You can always support the existing competitions with your prizes (your products or services). Contact us and we will create a task for you.

Are you a PR company?

     If you are a PR company, we would be glad to offer our platform for your clients as a powerful marketing tool! In addition, you can present our platform as a marketing tool to your clients and get up to 90% of profit we get from your client.  The offer is limited, so don’t hesitate and contact us!

Where we are now?

We are still a young business starting it way to the top; however, as all case studies show a strong positive interest in our project, we hope to be on top soon. We have launched an alpha version of the website in January 2011 and the work on some features is still ongoing. You can subscribe to our business newsletter and be updated with the latest information.

Sounds interesting?

 Why not give it a go? You can create a business account during registration on and once it is confirmed, create a task/competition. If you are too busy with your business – please contact us and let us do all the work for you!  We are here to help you!


Some final words


What is it we can offer business that other can’t?

- You are a new business trying to get more exposure on the market...

- You have a new product you want to sell and need more publicity…

- You are desperately looking for a fresh look... (new logo? Heading? Design?)

- You are conducting a research on something and need a proper feedback…

- You want to offering you clients a new way of promoting their product…

We can help you with all of the points above and many more! 


How does it work?

- Create a TASK with a good prize or award – get higher rate of involvement

- Bring your TASK to the Featured Section for an even better exposure

- Create a personal business page for one or several tasks at once and form a more serious image of your business

- Ask for additional promotion:

     o   E-mail invitations

     o   Press Releases (done via our partner PR company)

     o   Additional Media package – from radio jingles and Youtube virals to TV ad production

All of these steps will help your business achieve the set goals – be it more exposure in the market or fresh ideas for business development.

The most attractive feature of TaskRace – WE WON’T CHARGE YOU for your first campaign (except for additional promotion).

What is more - we are always open to new suggestions, so feel free to contact us if you have any ideas. We are willing to go out of the way if we find your suggestion interesting!

Are you a PR agency or Business looking for exposure and willing to cooperate? Contact us here


Download our full business presentation in pdf format:Download Business presentation(Download)