About TaskRace.com

TaskRace is the project that allows anybody to create a task that millions of Internet users could try to solve. It is also a project that allows anybody to solve any of the launched tasks, thus demonstrating their creativity and skills, and win some goodies!

TaskRace where created in 2010 by a group composed of IT specialists and creative young people. We realized that there are too many websites dedicated to individual competitions, and we came up with the idea of creating a “special place” for launching and winning competitions. Here, in TaskRace, anyone can launch a competition (we call it a TASK), to which others can propose their solution (even if they don’t boast extended experience or professional skills). Participants don’t need to be over 18, they don’t have to spend much time or resources to create a solution – all they are asked to do is do their best and - maybe - be the one to win. Remember – it is the concept that matters!

So the main idea behind it all is simple – whatever your idea is – you can ask others to visualise or improve it!

We are also looking for companies and agencies interested in discovering young talents, who would create more tasks with prizes awarded. TaskRace also offer a unique opportunity for business to find quick solutions to their practical problems (believe us – at times such an approach can be much faster, cheaper and up to the point than focus groups or expert opinion ;) )