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TaskRace is looking for people or organisation who could help us get more clients in UK/USA. You will act on our behalf introducing our servcies and using them as a priviledged business member. In exchange you will get a powerfull marketing tool and % from the clients you reffer... [read more]

We are looking for PR/Andvertising/News companies who could work on a partnerhsip basis with us. We will provide you with an easy to use advertising platform for your clients, arrange a traning sessions and full support. You will be able to introduce client's (or yours) business products in exchange of small prizes , which could be the product itlef or discount vouchers... [read more]

The alpha release fo is planned on 15st of January 2011. Everyone is welcome aboard! What we would apretiate during this stage is that everyone who got here could try registering, creating some tasks and creating some solutions for other tasks... [read more]