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Create a quatrain on an actual topic of your choice! - Writing competition

Great writing competition - compose a quatrain on any topic that looks important to you these days.  Slang is not welcome...

text competition by 0 entries 7604 views rating: 26 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

Translate the text into ANY language you might now! - Writing contest

Know any other language than English? Translate our slogan phrase “Task+Solution->Revolution” into any language you can speak...

text competition by 6 entries 5834 views rating: 51 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

Share your most favourite website! - Best Website Awards

Best Website Award on TaskRace! What is your most favourite website, which you visit a lot? We are not speaking about Google here – think of something more entertaining or educating...

text competition by 4 entries 3943 views rating: 0 hint: EasyPeasy!

Find a hidden spot on our website ! Get the TR T-shirt! - International Competition

Go through the website and on some pages you might see the spot marked as HIDDEN. Don’t worry - once you see it you can’t miss it, and you don’t need a magnifying glass to find it! Once found –copy and paste the browser’s URL where you found the spot here! Ten first people who do it will be awarded with TR T-shirts...

text competition by 0 entries 5861 views rating: 0 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

Your favorite phrase

Write here your favorite, memorable phrase or phrases :)

text competition by mantinis 7 entries 8047 views rating: 0 hint: