Not sure what this site is about? Here are a few hints on what you can do here and what we can do for you?


Create Tasks

- Tasks are like real life competitions and are open to all the TaskRace community. You can create your task and see how other people implement them. Basically, you can ask people for anything you want!

- If you represent a business – contact us to learn how you can create awarded tasks (how you can create tasks and offer awards for best solutions). This would bring even more people to your task, thus resulting in more solutions and increased exposure. (You can read more about B2B here).

- And here is a piece of good news - if we like your task, we might offer a prize for it on our own behalf! How cool is that?

- When the task deadline is reached – select the winner and we will award them with rating or a prize!

- IMPORTANT: You should decide what should be the format for your task (You won’t be able to change it later on, so be careful!):

      o   Video: Video tasks can only accept Videos from users as solution.

      o   Image: Image task can only accept Images from users as solution.

      o   Text: Text task can only accept Text from users as solution

      o   Audio (coming soon)


Create/Upload Solutions - Earn Rating, Prizes and Cash!

- Pick the most appealing task, do whatever the author requires, upload it (as an image, video or text) and ask your friends to rate it.

- Remember – you don’t have to be a professional to submit a solution, even a simple sketch or an amateur photo can win!

- If you win - we will award you with the prize or cash amount specified on the task!

- In some cases we will ask our logo clearly visible on uploaded photos (this could be written on the piece of A4 paper and placed in the view during the shot.

- We monitor the winning section on a regular basis. In case of unfair play , we take action and award the proper winner. Those unwilling to be honest and comply with the rules, don’t bother participate!


Profit, profit, profit

- The more active you are on the website – the more rating points you get.

- Once a month we will award Top 10 users with special prizes.

- High ratings will put your tasks or solutions to the Featured category!

Please, don’t forget – we are still in “beta” – which means we are still improving the services and adding new features. If you wish to help us – just drop us an email, and let us know what you think should be improved!