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How many words can you say in 30 seconds? - Video Contest

Ok, here’s the deal  - we give the text below (Don't worry, we know that it makes no sence, but does it really matters? :) ), you try and read it as fast as you can...

video competition by 0 entries 2566 views rating: 55 hint: EasyPeasy!

Fake the UFO (VIDEO TASK) - Video Competition

UFOs are coming! Video competition is here as well! Are you any good in Video editing or maybe you know how to fool people around using your old dads’ 8mm camera? Try faking the UFO so that it looks either realistic or fun and get our special prize.

video competition by 1 entries 2442 views rating: 76 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

Genetically modified food competition

We all know that GMO are no good. Besides, nobody still knows for sure what will happen to humanity once we all start consuming that evil...

Photo competition by 1 entries 1785 views rating: 0 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

Show us how you’ve spent New Year or your Christmas

Christmas time – so many happy moments to remember! Choose one of the pictures you have on your hard drive from this holiday and upload them as a solution...

Photo competition by 9 entries 2172 views rating: 0 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

TaskRace Snowman contest - Photo competition

This is a simple task – make a snowman and take a photo of it . No snow in your backyard? Use your fridge ;) Put the logo of TaskRace nearby so that it is clearly visible and win a special winter present from TaskRace.

Photo competition by 5 entries 1395 views rating: 50 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

Show us how you managed to drop your weight! - Photo Competition

Have you went on a diet and managed to lose weight ? Compete in our photo competition, share your experience with us! Upload your “Before” and “After” side-by -side photo...

Photo competition by 0 entries 1425 views rating: 0 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

Draw visual instructions on how to tie a tie.

Present to us your idea on how a tie should be tied. We don’t want you to be too serious – improvise and add some humor into it...

Photo competition by 0 entries 1814 views rating: 0 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

Translate the text into ANY language you might now! - Writing contest

Know any other language than English? Translate our slogan phrase “Task+Solution->Revolution” into any language you can speak...

text competition by 6 entries 1874 views rating: 51 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

Share your most favourite website! - Best Website Awards

Best Website Award on TaskRace! What is your most favourite website, which you visit a lot? We are not speaking about Google here – think of something more entertaining or educating...

text competition by 4 entries 1527 views rating: 0 hint: EasyPeasy!

How long can your scream our name - TaaaaaskRaaaaceee ?

Breath in and start screaming our name! The longest scream in one go will be awarded with VERY attractive prizes ;) and, of course, our T-shirt...

video competition by 2 entries 1903 views rating: 51 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!